Let it be known that Saturday, May 2, 2009, was officially the first truly epic late-night rave of the year, for that was the evening we dragged Lisbon's amazing Buraka Som Sistema to Freeman's Alley so we could talk to them about their Euro kuduro, culinary excellence and Kalaf's side career as a famous Portuguese columnist. Then we went to their crazy live show, the last on their US tour, and sweated a lot while shaking it, because kuduro translates roughly to "ass." Then we attended like 40 afterparties where Andro was DJing, but sorry, we don't have footage from that, it was past our video cam's bedtime. At about four minutes into this video, you will see what we mean by "epic" and "rave." Gracias to Kalaf for shouting out FADER.com's consistent livefeed of crazy American hip-hop, we will keep filtering the weirdos your way!